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Tejst – A new, all round performance, daysailer from Gothenburg/Sweden.

4 years ago the sailing machine ”Lunne” was presented at the Gothenburg Boat Show. Now it is time for the sophisticated follow-up ”Tejst”.


Tejst ( Black Guillemot) was designed with multi-purpose use in mind. The clients’ wishes were for a fast, easily operated, habitable boat that also could be raced. Further more this boat should be single-handed, trail able and with a minimum of maintenance. The design should appeal to younger as well as older sailors.

To full fill these demands the solution became to design the boat according to the newly revised D-Canoe rule. The sailing canoes have always been innovative and fast boats. In Sweden about 170 boats are built to the D-rule and about 300 to the E-rule. However this is the first time for a series production of a D-canoe.


During 2008 four boats were built. The tests prove that the boats could, with margin, fulfil the customers’ expectations. This is how Gustav von Heine, 70, expressed himself after the first seasons trails “During the summer I was out sailing about 40 times. This is not about nostalgia…. Tejst is a wonderfully boat, which both the experienced racing sailor and the “just for fun” sailor can enjoy”.


The hull is slender and easily driven, the chine facilitate planning. The rig with carbon fibre spars is efficient and powerful. 13 sqm sail area for a displacement of just 360 kilos is fair.  To achieve a good righting moment there are 180 kilos of ballast, 150 kilos internal and 30 kilos in the centreboard. Add to this the effect of the hiking boards and you get a really stiff boat. Tesjt has shown itself to be not just stiff it is also really fast, manoeuvrable and well balanced.


You can stand in the cockpit when hoisting the mainsail. There is a furling jib with the mechanism below deck. The jib is self-tacking thanks to the deck-sweeping “Hoyt boom”. The cockpit is spacious and could easily accommodate two persons. All trim lines are within easy reach.

The centreboard is retractable and the rudder is collapsible which gives a depth of just 16 cm. Besides you can reach places where no one else dare to go, the centrebord function makes the boat easy to get on to a trailer.


The quality level you find in Tejst is usually associated with much bigger and far more expensive yachts. You will not find any compromises in a Tejst; everything is built and constructed to meet the highest demand. Many parts are custom made. Several parts are made of carbon fibre using the latest technology, for example; all spars, centreboard, rudder and rudder head and hiking boards. The hull is hand laid with multi biaxial roving and divinycell. Altogether this gives a boat that is light, strong and enduring.

Specification D-Canoe “Tejst”

Loa                           6,00 m

Lwl                            5,76 m

Beam                        1,50 m

Draft               0,16 - 1,29 m

Displ                         360 Kg

Ballast, internal        150 Kg

Centreboard               30 Kg

Sa                            13 Sqm

Material      GRP, composite

Design           Torsten Sörvik

Specification E-Canoe “Lunne”

Loa                           6,00 m

Lwl                            5,96 m

Beam                        1,75 m

Draft                0,16 - 1,29 m

Displ                          135 Kg

Ballast                          none

Sa                            13 Sqm

Material      GRP, composite

Design           Torsten Sörvik


Both Lunne and Tejst are designed and built by Sörvik Båt & Trä in Gothenburg/Sweden. Sörvik Båt & Trä have a long experience of High-tech building as well as traditional building methods.

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